Private Coaching / Career Consultation

Maureen provides private coaching sessions and can tailor-make a session to focus on the following areas:

Perfect Your Read
Learn to read copy for any network / audition. Make the copy your own and stand out from the others. Coaching even available via SKYPE.

Create A Reel With Impact
Maureen will personally review your reel and give you the professional's eye on how to make the most impact in the shortest amount of time.

Media Training
For experts -- how do you get your expertise out into a competitive marketplace? How can you stand out among others in your field? From working on your on-camera skills, to speaking in soundbites, to helping you shoot footage to highlight your expertise, we can help. We coach Doctors, Lawyers, Fashion Stylists, Magazine Editors, Dieticians, Hair Stylists, Personal Trainers and more.

IFB / Ear prompter Training
Learn what it's like to be live before you actually go live. Get hands-on training with both an IFB and ear prompter. Don't wait until you get the job or the audition to use one. You'll want experience before you go in the door. IFB training is a great skill to have on your resume!

How to approach agents and managers about representation. Who to contact? What materials do you need in order to approach them?

How To Audition And Take General Meetings
Get tips from a network insider.

Interviewing / Red Carpet Techniques
Be prepared when the pressure is on. What to do and what not to do when the focus is on you!

Improve your stance and posture
Look natural and relaxed in front of the camera.

Read From A Teleprompter
Read with ease and make reading from a prompter sound natural.